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Media platform
that rewards its users

Now users can earn rewards for every vote, comment and post about sports.
  • Scalable to millions of fans around the world right now.
  • Powerful data analytics allow users to create high-value coverage.
  • Intrinsic motivation for positive feedback among fans.
Commission-free betting exchange
The blockchain-based solution for peer-to-peer sports betting.
  • Transparency from top to bottom thanks to the Scorum blockchain.
  • An intuitive design that even casual bettors will love to use.
  • Intrinsic motivation for positive feedback among fans.
Commission-free daily fantasy sports
Daily fantasy sports gives Scorum fans a fun way to compete and win.
  • Challenging for every level of DFS manager.
  • All winners keep all their payouts with zero-commission rake.
  • Freerolls for new managers to hone their skills.
Statistics center
Track the latest stats and live match action across top leagues.
  • Data is now highly sought after by the modern fan.
  • Make the most informed bets and teams using data analytics.
  • Gives writers all the tools they need to create unique high-class content.
Integrated advertising system
Brands, events and clubs have a whole new way to connect.
  • Engaged fans have a much stronger incentive to support advertisers.
  • Direct methods to communicate and promote brand strategy.
  • High LTV users versed in both sports and cryptocurrency.